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Heritage Body and Frame

Completion Date

November 2019

Services Performed

Custom Website Design
WordPress Website Build
Custom Dynamic Forms
Social Media Integration

Project Description

Heritage Body and Frame came to Rosie’s Creative hoping to update their website to reflect their commitment to quality automotive repair. Their existing website was several years old, and in addition to the new logo we created for them, the site needed a revamp to showcase some important new business developments and streamline the website’s navigation layout. The role of Rosie’s Creative was to create a mobile-friendly, fully expandable website that could be easily grown to include future advancements in their service capabilities without sacrificing speed and information flow.

Based on our initial consultation and our discovery process, we decided that a website built with WordPress would be the best way to meet Heritage Body and Frame’s needs. The client wanted to create a modern website that felt upscale without being cumbersome, creating a smooth functionality similar to the high-end automobiles the company specializes in. Our ultimate goal was to be able to convey essential information to their target audience quickly and easily, as most clients would be accessing the website while in need of auto repairs – not a time when people are typically interested in figuring out how to navigate a website. It also needed to be attractive and mobile friendly, as a majority of modern users are accessing websites on their phones now, especially when they’re in need of tow services. We opted to use WordPress because of its expandability, its mobile responsive features, and its built-in SEO benefits, among other reasons. We built the new site using a fully custom theme designed to accommodate future growth without sacrificing current functionality.

Heritage Body and Frame wanted the website to reflect the sleek, high-performance feel of the high-end automobiles they typically service, as well as the high-tech nature of their certified repair facility. A critical component of bringing that sleek, high-performance feel to the website was to make sure the navigation was clear and easy to follow, almost instinctive in its flow, with services clearly organized, outlined, and defined. The overall website was built to handle an expanding menu of certifications, services, and locations as the company expands, with room built in the back end for new sections to be added as needed. This is an example of forward-thinking design that maximizes the limits of current technology to keep a website performing at its peak for years to come.

Our graphic design choices in creating the website’s unique look were heavily influenced by the aesthetics of high-performance automobiles, in combination with the logo we developed with the client. Using that logo and a targeted brand design discovery process to hone that aesthetic, we then selected the final color palette. The website’s color scheme pulls from the logo and expands on it, using a combination of sleek and rich shades of grey and black, in concert with white negative space for visual impact, and tasteful accents in a rich medium green that draws the eye and reflects their logo. The goal is to project an image that conveys professionalism, technical proficiency, and performance, in order to reflect their commitment to restoring automobiles to the highest standards for their clients. Typeface selections were made with a focus on readability and accessibility, using clean, modern sans serifs throughout the site.

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