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Heating Specialties

Completion Date

January 2018

Services Performed

Custom Logo Design

Project Description

The retail offshoot of the John Sargianis Company, Heating Specialties sells heating systems, provides expert consultation and refers customers to qualified installers. Like their parent company, they had a decades-old logo in desperate need of an update, and they asked for our help in bringing their brand up to modern standards. Their old branding incorporated a specific reddish-orange hue that was very popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s but had since fallen out of favor in drastic fashion. We stuck with orange, an industry-appropriate color suggesting warmth, but updated to a more contemporary shade, and used a standardized CMYK color suitable for a variety of applications. To keep consistency with the parent company, we used the same typeface, a no-nonsense sans serif that suggests professionalism and reliability.

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