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Courtland & Company Accounting

Completion Date

September 2019

Services Performed

Custom Logo Design

Project Description

Courtland & Company Accounting is an accounting firm looking to support small and medium sized business owners on their path to financial and market success. We at Rosie’s Creative were more than happy to partner with them in crafting a brand image and web-friendly identity for this company. In developing a logo, we knew we needed something that would reflect the character of the company while also creating a graphic identity that would stand out from other accounting firms. The owner wanted to convey calm and reassurance, but with an intelligent and analytical approach. Using the classic metaphor of money as water, we agreed that a skilled financial professional firm would be well represented by a sailboat – calming, reassuring, and safe in skilled hands. The color palette focuses on soothing yet solid shades of blue and black, with white negative space for visual impact.


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