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Coolers That Bump

Completion Date

November 2016

Services Performed

Custom Logo Design

Project Description

Coolers That Bump came to Rosie’s Creative, LLC in search of an updated, multi-function logo. Focused strongly on a particular niche market, the new logo had to retain visual elements of the product while being simple enough to apply universally in product design, graphic design, and promotional situations. Rosie’s Creative worked with the new start-up to develop brand colors, select related fonts, and design a logo based on the custom speaker grills manufactured for their products. We started with the slatted speaker grill and work backward, to simplify the product design into a logo element. We then used colors, such as arctic blue, white and cool gray, which are associated with icy temperatures. The final design fits the technical requirements of the job while also functioning as a versatile logo which can grow with the life of the business.

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