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Chesapeake Collateral Consulting

Completion Date

July 2016

Services Performed

Custom Website Design
WordPress Website Build
Custom Logo Design
On-Site SEO

Project Description

Looking to do an overhaul of their branding and website, Chesapeake Collateral Consulting chose us as Rosie’s Creative due to our multi-talented staff. When they came to us, they had a dated HTML-based website that had no content management on the backend. They wanted their new website to have a clean, modern look, and to be easy for them to maintain by themselves. The new website needed to project a professional image and present their business as an industry leader.

To meet these needs, we at Rosie’s Creative found that a customized WordPress theme would be a cost-effective solution. By modifying a WordPress theme, we were able to create a website that was mobile friendly while also being simple to manage. WordPress features a user-friendly dashboard which enables the client to easily modify site content and graphics, which allows Chesapeake Collateral Consulting to update their services and deals as needed.

When designing the new look for Chesapeake Collateral Consulting, we at Rosie’s Creative helped them to create a new branding standard consistent with their new logo. They wanted a website with a clear, uncluttered look that kept the user focused on the content, which we achieved by limiting imagery and maintaining some open space. We pulled blues from their new logo to use throughout the site, adding yellow as needed for accents. Traditional fonts common to the financial industry were paired with accent fonts that fit with the semi-formal overall layout.

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