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Bellydance Costume Club

Completion Date

March 2017

Services Performed

Custom Website Design
WordPress Website Build
Social Media Integration
Custom Logo & Branding
On-Site SEO / Search Engine Optimization
Client Maintained Website

Project Description

Our longtime client Amartia came to us looking for assistance in crafting a web presence for her new business venture, Bellydance Costume Club. She wanted a visually engaging, mobile-friendly website with the ability to expand over time. At launch, it would be a simple site providing basic information about the business, but eventually, it would need to incorporate a significant e-commerce component. Amartia trusted our experience with web design and e-commerce and wanted to know how we could help with this new venture.

Following our initial consultation, we decided that a custom site built with WordPress would be the best way to go. The client already had a familiarity with the platform, since we had used it to build her previous website. Also, with future expansion in mind, the flexibility and expand-ability of WordPress made it an obvious choice. WordPress supports a number of plugins that support e-commerce and automated billing, which will be essential components of Bellydance Costume Club’s business model.

In the design of the site, we included a few visual references to Amartia’s other business, Bellydance by Amartia, while also signaling that Bellydance Costume Club is a separate, all-new business. The site design is light on text, emphasizing photography to put the focus on the product, while also prominently featuring the company logo and associated custom graphics. The site is fully mobile-responsive, view-able across a range of devices.

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