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What are 301 Redirects?

Changes to a website are a part of their life cycle, especially for a business. As your business evolves, you may add or subtract products or services, or deploy products or services in a different way. As your website changes, and you need to make sure everyone goes where you want them to, you’ll employ a redirect to bring them in. Specifically, you will use a 301 redirect, which sends users from the old URL to the new one.

Not only does a 301 redirect send users to the right place, it helps search engines look for and find your most current website as well! When you use a 301 code, search engines will find your old website, and direct visitors to your new one, almost effortlessly. Search engines will do this for both your full web site and for individual web pages!

A 301 redirect is a piece of code that a server sends to a web browser to take the user to a new page. This function is an incredibly useful tool for various changes your website may go through:

Changing Your URL
When you change either your web address as written, or you migrate it from one server to another, a redirect will send users to the current website.

Recreating a Piece of Content
If you have an important piece of content that needs to be reformatted, using a redirect allows you to refer visitors easily to the new format.

Consolidating Several Pieces of Content
When you move the content of multiple pages of a site onto one site, using a 301 for each of the separate pieces of content pulls visitors to the new, consolidated page.

Migrating Content from One Domain to Another
When you change domains, using a 301 allows you to migrate quickly and efficiently, and bring your audience with you.

Migrating a Site During a Phased Site Launch
You can use multiple 301 redirects as you move content between two sites, ensuring that those who visit the old site for specific pages are referred to the new site and its content.

A 301 code allows a developer to manipulate and migrate a website in a lot of ways. It allows you to introduce new formats with ease, and move your website without losing audience.

Websites are a major part of the services we provide at Rosie’s Creative. Whether you need a website built from the ground up, or you need an overhaul of an existing one, we can use our experience, knowledge and training to give you the exact site your business can call home on the web. Remember! Your first consultation is always free. 

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