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Landing Pages: Turn Clicks into Clients

Websites are your storefront on the internet, which means that creating a welcoming entrance will bring in more customers – a landing page.

A landing page could best be thought of as a standalone web page where a visitor “lands” after they click or tap a link from an email, advertisement, social post, etc. Landing pages are the follow-up introduction to your business from a call-to-action in customer outreach, usually a special offer or incentive you’ve provided for them. In that introduction, you need to manage everyone’s expectations, as well as provide them with a deeper understanding of what you do and how you do it.

Landing pages are a great introduction to your products, services, business identity and business philosophy. They should also act as enticement and encouragement for the visitor to come to your website again. That means suiting the type of landing page you use to your business style. There are two kinds of landing pages: reference and transactional.

Reference Landing Page
The first kind of landing page is called a reference landing page. It provides an incoming customer with information about a targeted product or offer. This type of landing page eliminates distraction by focusing solely on that targeted information, rather than losing the visitor’s attention and interest due to confusion about the many other options your website might provide. By taking away everything but information about the offer that brought them there, you encourage the new customer to provide their information and take immediate advantage.

Transactional Landing Page
The second kind of landing page, a transactional landing page, is where information from the customer is captured before continuing. This is where the visitor provides contact and marketing information, such as their email address, and ideally becomes a customer through their interaction. Often, a transactional landing page acts in tandem with a reference landing page, in order to secure marketing information from customers who navigated to a page to take advantage of a great deal.

Rosie’s Creative can help you craft the perfect landing page for your business. By using your existing branding and aesthetic, we can create a transition for visitors from “people looking for a good deal” into faithful and loyal customers for your business. Contact us today to see what we can do to expand your audience, and net you more business!

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