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Social Media: New Kids on the Block

Tapping into the current online audience is important to grow a business’s market. Interactions through social media are the best way to do that, and familiarity with the most popular platforms magnifies the effect your social media can have.

Over the last few years, several platforms have taken tremendous market share, as well as propelling their content producers to fame and success. Each of these platforms suits different ways of presenting information, and different businesses may benefit from them in their own way.

Wildly popular, the name recognition alone of this app is enough to build a bigger presence online. With over one billion users, it’s easy to see why! You can also produce content for TikTok easily, with a short-video format of 10 minutes or less. Content on TikTok is widely varied now, with informative and instructional videos standing beside entertainment.

Instagram Reels
To compete with TikTok, Instagram released a new video format for their platform in the form of Instagram Reels. Shorter in length than a TikTok video, a Reel is 15, 30 or 60 seconds. While this limits what you can produce, you can use Reels to point your audience to a longer video on another platform. There are more editing options than with Instagram’s Stories function as well, giving you the ability to edit clips together, change the layout, or insert Augmented Reality elements. Reels remain easily accessible on an account under a dedicated tab on your profile page.

While Discord started as a gaming community platform, it has expanded to become a social powerhouse by providing a way for businesses and public figures to build deeper relationships with their audiences, as well as providing a social space for that audience to interact with each other. Add in the capacity to do livestreaming and audio and video chats, and it’s easy to see how useful Discord can be to you!

Like Discord, Twitch began as a gaming platform for streamers to play games to entertain others. However, content on Twitch has expanded to include commentary, news, instruction, slice-of-life and more. Deep functionality in the chat, tip-jar and paid subscription functionality, and a diverse third-party support community makes Twitch a great way to present information for your business in a dynamic, connected way.

If your business has a strong, established audience on other platforms, Patreon may be a good option. A subscription-based video platform, with options to provide free content as well, Patreon has become a great resource for independent content creators to generate additional revenue. Subscriptions include allowing the audience to interact with you as well.

While not as well known as many of the others, Substack gives you the ability to keep a written archive of material. The type of material is entirely up to the creator, allowing flexibility in what you have in your archive and how you approach it. Substack also has tiered subscription functionality, and audience interaction with you.

Rosie’s Creative is ready to help you figure out how to engage with these platforms in the best way possible. We can help you figure out which options are best for your business, as well as assisting with generating quality content that grabs your audience’s attention. And remember – with us, your first consultation is always free!

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