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Who’s There? The Importance of Accurate Business Profiles

Your business profile shows up across the web – on multiple sites, and in multiple ways. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and more all require a profile to use effectively. When you keep your profile updated, people know what to expect of you and your business, as well as the most recent accomplishments for you and your clients.

The first step to keeping your profile accurate is to maintain a consistent schedule of updating your profile. If you have a website to which you have access on the back end, where the content and code are uploaded, you can do this easily by going in yourself to update the profile information. If you rely on an outside contractor, provide them with up-to-date information to use. You can do this in any rhythm you want, but at least once every six months will ensure you keep it up to date.

You can also use this time to review your accomplishments, and curate what you want to show to prospective clients and customers. Keeping your profile concise may not be easy if you have a lot you’re proud of, and that’s a great problem to have! Keep a record of all of your accomplishments so you can adjust your presence to appeal to preferred market segments, or pitch more niche ones to clients or customers to whom they apply.

In addition to the stable portion of your profile, the posts on your profile need tending as well. Curate the posts to focus on positive interactions, good press and your biggest wins. This will keep your social media clear, and ensure that the posts that populate your front page are the best presentation of your business, no matter how a viewer arranges them.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your Google Profile! Google has been migrating businesses from Google My Business to Google Business Profile for some time now. This is introducing a host of new business-friendly functions, among these being an automatic profile updater that uses various methods to gather information on your business, including your own website and your profile on social sites. While it is a handy tool for businesses that are scrupulous about updating their profiles on every platform, this function can also cause inaccurate or outdated information to be pulled, requiring an update to your Google Business Profile immediately after the migration.

Luckily, the automation Google is implementing comes with a notification. You will be able to review changes to your profile, and apply them together, or individually. A good way to prevent inaccurate update suggestions, and a good practice anyway, is to regularly update your information on the business networking sites you use, and ensure that you have your most recent information wherever you post.

Rosie’s Creative provides social media services, including Google Business Profile management, that will ensure your profiles provide the best possible portrait of your business. We’ll build a presence that we can maintain with you, or build your presence in such a way that you can maintain it yourself. Either way, we have the tools and skills you need to build a web presence that shines! And remember, with Rosie’s Creative, your first consultation is always free.

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