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Be Prepared! Google Analytics 4 is Coming

Universal Analytics is among the most prevalent and trusted data analytics services available to businesses on the web. Starting July 1st, 2023, Google Analytics 4 will be taking over as the new premier data analytics available on the web, which web-savvy businesses are gearing up to adopt.

The reports generated by Google Analytics 4 will have significant differences from Universal Analytics. Whereas Universal Analytics used an overwhelming number of detailed reports ingrained in its system, Google Analytics 4 has simplified its reporting for ease of use and understanding. It replaces the default reports with deeper analytics, and the ability to custom blend data for more specific measurements.  In short, GA4 helps your business understand it’s end users’ needs, to help you refine what you do for your customers, by using meaningful data collected and displayed in an easy-to-understand way.

Here’s a brief look at what the change means for any business looking to stay on top of its analytics:

Capture New Data (but be sure to archive the old!)
The data Google Analytics 4 gathers will be forward-facing, meaning it will only be capturing new data, not importing old data. After this date, Universal Analytics will not collect data, though previously captured data will be available for a limited period after Google Analytics 4 implementation. Be sure to collect and back up any critical data during this time.

Get a Better Understanding of User Activity
The change to Google Analytics 4 comes with a tremendous number of advantages. Possibly the biggest new function Google Analytics 4 brings is the ability to measure the use of apps as well as websites. Expanding the measurements this way allows you to see the behavior of users on your apps, allowing you to refine how the apps work for your users.

Utilize an Event-Based Model
Google Analytics 4 will be changing to an event-based model. This shift towards individual actions taken by a user will give a much more detailed picture of the functions, information and products preferred by visitors and users. The event-based model means businesses now have the option of tracking users across all pages of a website, and all functions of an app, rather than just when they visit the site or open the app.

Comprehensive Privacy Control for End Users
For the benefit of users, Google Analytics 4 will be implementing advanced privacy controls, such as cookieless measurement. This means users can feel safe navigating to and from your site, knowing they are not being tracked if they don’t want to be, without taking away from useful data.

The transition from traditional Google Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 is a little tricky for the layperson, so Rosie’s Creative is here to help! If you haven’t used Google Analytics on your website or mobile app before, the initial set up process is straight forward and can be assisted by plug-ins or embedded code. If your business has been using Universal Analytics up until now, adding Google Analytics 4 with a setup assistant is available. Google Analytics 4 can also be added to a website via any website builder platform or content management system (GoDaddy, Woo Commerce, Squarespace, etc.). Rosie’s Creative takes this set-up process a step further by helping your business archive and understand your previous data, and understanding how that information may influence understanding future GA4 user data.

When July 1st, 2023 comes, don’t be left out in the cold… be ready to use the most powerful analytics tool available, with Google Analytics 4. Need help? Rosie’s Creative is always available to help your business succeed. Remember, your first consultation is always free!

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