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Big Moves, Little Moves: Rebranding Vs. Refreshing Your Brand

Strategies to Keep Your Brand Relevant

Example: Starbucks’ Logo Evolution

As we put the holidays behind us and settle into the new year, it’s a time to look forward, devise new strategies for success, and consider ways to keep your brand current and relevant to your target audience.

It’s around this time of year that we often hear the term “rebranding” thrown about – and maybe this is a strategy you’re considering. When we talk about “rebranding“, it’s important to be clear about exactly what we mean. Sometimes, people use the term “rebranding”, but they’re really talking about something a bit more modest than a full-fledged rebrand. So, let’s take a quick look at two concepts that are commonly confused – the rebrand vs the brand refresh – to help you determine which is the best path forward for your brand.

Contrary to how the term is often applied, rebranding goes far beyond simply changing a logo, color scheme, or slogan. A true rebrand is a top-to-bottom overhaul of your entire brand, a drastic move indicating drastic change.

You might be ready for a rebrand if:

– Your current brand no longer satisfies the needs of your target audience
– Your target audience has changed, widened, or narrowed
– Your company mission has undergone some major, fundamental change

Again, this is a big move, affecting not only your aesthetics, but your brand story as well. So, if your brand isn’t positioned to make that kind of big move, then maybe a rebrand isn’t for you.

Far less drastic than a full rebranding effort is a brand refresh. When you refresh your brand, your brand story and other underlying elements remain in place, but you make changes to aesthetic elements that may have become stale or outdated – elements such as typography, colors, or graphic design elements – to keep your branding current.

When refreshing a brand, it’s important that the overall character of your brand is still recognizable. Be careful not to lean too hard into what’s trendy. The goal is to bring your branding up to date, while still communicating your own unique brand story.

Whichever path forward is best for your brand – whether it’s a full rebrand, or just a refresh – Rosie’s Creative is here to help you build a foundation for success in the new year, and for years to come. Ready to get started? Contact Us. Your first consultation with us is always free.

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