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2017 in Review: Trends in Digital Marketing That Will Impact 2018

Strategic Thinking is the Key to Success in 2018.

The holidays are upon us, and the new year is only days away. So, perhaps you’re taking a moment to reflect on how your brand performed in the year that’s ending, and formulate strategies for success in the year to come.

But even as you keep your own brand front and center, don’t lose sight of the big picture. A productive exercise as you plan for the new year is to look back on the major trends and events that shaped digital marketing in 2017, and how you can expect them to impact your brand in 2018 and beyond.

Let’s talk about a few:

Instagram Rises While Twitter Fades
Instagram saw explosive growth throughout 2017, and now boasts 800 million monthly users, with 500 million using the platform daily. Meanwhile, Twitter has experienced stagnation and a loss of users, leading some to doubt its long-term viability. Look for more brands to focus on Instagram in 2018, while others may decide to leave Twitter behind.

Video is a Winner
Proving its durability in 2017, video has become an essential tool for marketers, and with technical advances allowing for more widespread applications of high-quality streaming video, this trend shows no signs of slowing in 2018. Expect more brands to utilize live streaming, as it has been shown to result in much stronger audience engagement than traditional video.

Shift Towards “Genuine” Marketing
Marketers are discovering that consumers are more likely to trust other people’s recommendations than blunt advertising appeals, and this disparity is even more pronounced with younger audiences.  So, as Generation Z emerges as a force in the marketplace, watch for brands to move towards more organic methods of engagement, leveraging user generated content and influencer marketing to forge more genuine connections.

Security Matters
Major data breaches in 2017, headlined by the Equifax hack which affected an astounding 145 million Americans, thrust the issue of cyber security into popular discussion. With Google and other big tech companies stepping up efforts to protect consumers’ data by penalizing unsecured websites, brands that do not take security seriously can expect to pay a heavy price in 2018.

Big Brands Embrace Emerging Tech
New technological developments such as chatbots, voice search, and augmented reality saw increased adoption by enterprise-level businesses in 2017, and this should continue through 2018. While these advances aren’t likely to trickle down to smaller businesses right away, they’re certainly worth keeping an eye on as you grow your brand in coming years.

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From all of us here at Rosie’s Creative, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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