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Online Fundraising for Nonprofits

Digital Marketing Can Simplify Fundraising Efforts and Increase ROI.

It goes without saying that fundraising is a top priority for any nonprofit organization. And while traditional methods often command a substantial outlay of money, time, and manpower, the revolution in digital technology that has so transformed the pace of modern life has created alternative means for forward-thinking organizations to raise funds.

At a minimum, a fundraising strategy that incorporates digital solutions will involve an investment in email marketing, a presence on social media, and a reliable, user-friendly website to serve as an online hub of activity. But let’s push further, and look at a few other ways that you can modernize your fundraising efforts.

Work the Crowd
One method of raising funds that has become quite popular in recent years is websites dedicated to crowd sourcing, the process of soliciting donations from a broad base of web users. Kickstarter, the best-known crowd sourcing website, is geared more towards commercial ventures, but a number of other sites, such as GoFundMe, Qgiv, and Razoo, are designed with charitable giving in mind.

Show and Tell
Don’t limit yourself to words when telling your story. Today’s social, mobile-oriented web demands visually stimulating and emotionally engaging content, so use your website and social media channels to promote content such as photo galleries, videos, and info graphics. A narrative-driven and visually centered content strategy will grab people’s attention and connect with them on an emotional level, while providing insight into your organization and its mission.

Make it Fun
Flash fundraisers, crowd sourcing incentives, and interactive challenge videos (like 2014’s “Ice Bucket Challenge” promoting awareness of ALS) are all examples of emergent fundraising tactics that are well suited to the immediate and organic nature of the social web. Much like traditional events such as dinners, walks, or concerts, this kind of fun, splashy fundraising allows you to reach a broad audience, raise your profile, and encourage participation – but at a much lower cost.

What’s key to remember is that people are increasingly interconnected digitally, and if you can use digital marketing methods to reach and engage with people on these terms, your organization will reap the rewards. By modernizing your fundraising strategy and incorporating solutions geared towards the fast-paced web of today, you’ll make more efficient use of your valuable resources, and reach out to people in ways that feel genuine and current.


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