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Trinity School Promotional Video

Completion Date: July 2018

Services Performed: Custom Videography, Drone Videography, Narration Scripting, Story Boarding, Post-Production Editing for Media Applications, Project Management

Project Description

Trinity School came to us in need of a new promo video. They hadn’t had a new one produced in some time, and felt their image could use updating. The school needed a video that could be extremely versatile. They needed footage that could be edited in several different ways for use on television, online, and on social media. Trinity School wanted a professional caliber representation including high quality video, appropriate narration, and accompanying music that would reflect the values and exceptional nature of the school.

At Rosie’s Creative, we partner with several local videographers and digital video creatives. Based on the initial consultation and mapping out the client’s needs, we worked with Outer Loop Media to create, refine, and produce the final product.

The purpose of the video was to highlight the extensive grounds of the school, the many beautiful buildings on campus, the different levels of quality education offered, and the nurturing environment of the school and its staff. Because Trinity School offers programs from Pre-K through Grade 8, we worked to ensure that all grade levels were accurately represented. We also made sure to include drone videography to highlight the scope and scale of the school’s rolling campus. From a sound standpoint, we wanted to include not only the voices of senior staff, but also the voices of well-spoken children to further emphasize the high quality nature of the learning institution.

Rosie’s Creative worked to facilitate the drafting of the script and storyboard to effectively tell the story of Trinity School in a highly marketable way. We coordinated the efforts of 3 videographers, 2 photographers, 1 sound editor, and Trinity School staff and teachers. Through effective communication and management, we were able to film all required shots of the school in one day, saving both time and money. Once footage was captured, editing was performed by Outer loop Media. We facilitated two rounds of proofing and edits before the final cut was released to Trinity School.

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