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I’m the Chef Too! Promotional Video

Completion Date
April 2020

Project Description
I’m the Chef Too! is a company that blends food, STEM, and the arts into educational fun in a kitchen setting. Rosie’s Creative created their website in 2017, and has provided marketing support work as part of an ongoing and evolving campaign. The company updated its website and branding this year as part of a comprehensive plan to branch out into selling kits for online purchase, and they needed a high impact marketing video for their new website and new social media.

The goal was to create a video that showed children interacting with their educational adventure kits. As there was no possibility of filming actual in-person footage during a quarantine period, Rosie’s Creative used stock video footage combined with moving illustrations to give the viewer a sense of learning and adventure with each activity. Using established design and color branding principles, we created moving illustrations that were integrated with the stock video footage. This created a smooth and brand-consistent appearance that would catch the interest and imagination of visitors to the website.

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