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Jason Borkland Promotional Video

Completion Date: December 2019

Services Performed: Storyboarding, Post-Production, Soundtrack Editing, Editing for Media Applications

Project Description

Jason Borkland came to us for a personal branding promo video. He was creating a personal brand package that included a website and logo, to serve as his online home for his multiple high-adventure projects, and felt that the dynamic nature of video would best capture his active pursuits. He needed someone with a keen editing eye to work with footage he had captured independently on some of his trips, and for all of the footage to be edited together to craft a compelling narrative and professional-quality representation for use on online and on social media.

The purpose of the video was to draw viewers in to Mr. Borkland’s high-intensity activities, with engaging visuals and a feeling of being part of the action. Based on the initial consultation, mapping out the client’s needs, and a critical look at what footage available, we collected the video footage and edited together the highest impact moments to reflect a feeling of immersion and excitement. The client engages in a number of intense and stimulating high-adventure pursuits, and we worked to ensure that all categories were included.

From a sound standpoint, Rosie’s Creative opted to include a soundtrack that mirrored the intense and adrenalizing aspects of the adventures depicted, as well as conveying a sense of vastness that insinuated much more adventure to come. We chose to use music from a stock site to avoid copyright infringement issues that can get an otherwise effective video blocked or removed from a number of platforms. The music selection process is critical to creating a high-impact video, and we recognize that the engagement potential of any video can be made or broken based on the soundtrack selected. We selected music that echoed the feeling of excitement and adventure we wanted to convey, and removed background noise to avoid distractions from the visual impact. We also avoided adding a voiceover script. We provided an emotionally engaging soundtrack as a backdrop and then let the breathtaking visuals speak for themselves.

Rosie’s Creative delivered three version of the video as the finished product: with the website logo and slogan either bookending the action; appearing only at the end of the video; or entirely absent. This allowed for a clean version to appear on the website itself as a hero image, as well as branded versions for use on social media and as part of other promotional efforts.

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