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Google My Business is Now Google Business Profile – Here’s How to Use It.

Google is constantly seeking to improve its services and products, and that refinement has come to Google My Business. Google is changing the name of its business engagement platform to Google Business Profile! As with all changes to Google offerings, this comes with new functionality, and consolidation of old functionality.

New features include:

  • Use Google Search and Maps to claim and verify your Google Business Profile by searching with your business’s name in either app
  • The US and Canada will gain access to Google’s Call History functionality
  • You can message directly from Google Search or Google Maps, instead of moving to your management profile
  • You can also manage read receipts directly from Search and Maps
  • You can check analytics from your profile

The Google Business Profile dashboard gives you detailed control over the content and contact you provide for your clients and customers. Respond to messages, craft and publish posts and get the analytics for your profile, all from your dashboard.

The centralization of information onto Google Search and Google Maps means being able to track activity on those Google platforms, as well as interact directly with questions, comments, concerns and feedback from customers past, present and future! Use Google Search on your PC to manage your profile, and use Google Maps on your Android device.

More chat functionality includes complete integration from any device. Whatever you do in chat extends to the account in the cloud, no matter what device you’re using. This does mean that any management done on one device changes it for all devices because it changes the content and settings on the cloud.

One of the biggest and best new pieces of functionality is baked in e-commerce! This makes it easy to put your products up for sale in Google’s marketplace, giving you more direct exposure and control over how your products show up, including specials, sales, and easily editable entries for updating.

With all of this new functionality and communication, Google Business Profile promises to be a gamechanger for businesses, and smart businesses should jump on this opportunity to give themselves a free SEO bump by creating a profile today! Need additional assistance to get the most out of Google Business Profile’s functionality? Let Rosie’s Creative help you take advantage of Google Business Profile’s incredible leverage for your business!

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