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Make Your Web Presence More Accessible with AccessiBe

Streamline the process of making your web assets accessible and compliant using AI, machine learning, and computer vision.

The internet can be an unwelcoming place for the disabled. End users with visual disabilities, hearing disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and physical disabilities struggle to use the web in a meaningful way, prompting a need to develop web accessibility standards.  Web accessibility means that websites, tools, and technologies are designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them. Fortunately, there are companies who are pushing the boundaries of inclusion and accommodation as technology develops. AccessiBe is one of those, providing web and media accessibility for individuals whose disabilities hinder their ability to engage with the web.

One of the most important accessibility products AccessiBe provides is a series of adjustments a consumer might need to navigate a website. AccessiBe does this by embedding their accessWidget into a website, supplying customization for the user interface, design and readability of a website. This allows a viewer to adjust the website to their own needs.

AccessiBe also provides paid and subscription based services for websites.

  • VPAT is an evaluation of how a website conforms to Section 508 digital accessibility standards.
  • A manual audit of a website’s source code, to detect gaps in accessibility.
    An inspection service that allows AccessiBe to ensure full installation and optimization of their proprietary accessWidget, making sure their customers get the most bang for their buck.
    Accessibility of files and media checking to ensure any files and media included with the website are also included in accessibility for consumers.

On top of all of that, AccessiBe provides their own user testing for their customers’ websites. This creates a feedback process that provides greater insight into holes in a website’s compliance, or where its compliance can be strengthened.

All of these services and products give a business the tools they need to not only be compliant with accessibility, but to provide excellent service consistent to every member of their clientele.

Rosie’s Creative wants to help everyone provide their products and services in equal measure to all people. Ask us how AccessiBe can provide your customers with smooth, functional accessibility and increase your engagement and customer satisfaction today!

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