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Elevate Your Brand Image with Print Marketing in 2022

The new year is here, bringing a spirit of renewal – and if you’re looking to step up your brand’s marketing efforts as we kick off 2022, perhaps your focus is on shaking things up with cutting-edge strategies built on new media and emerging technology.

But as we look to the future, it’s important not to overlook the value of classic, time-tested marketing methods that are proven to deliver results. And one old-school method that’s still a winner in 2022 is a professional, well-executed print marketing strategy.

For years now – decades, even – industry insiders and observers have rushed to declare that “print is dead.” But even with the outsized impact of digital media on marketing and branding today, print endures. And make no mistake, high-quality print collateral can absolutely elevate your brand’s image and help you project a sense of competence, credibility, and professionalism, while providing customers with a tangible, durable connection to your brand.

Wondering how print can fit into your brand’s marketing strategy? Consider just a few ways you can make print collateral work for you in 2022…

• In a competitive marketplace, first impressions are vital. So, position yourself as a credible pro with an elegantly designed business card – or, boost your direct mail efforts with high-quality letterhead or envelopes.

• Local SEO isn’t the only way to raise your profile. Engage local audiences and give your brand an old-school signal boost with eye-catching posters, flyers, and door hangers.

• Need to go more in-depth? Deliver an informative and comprehensive sales pitch to prospective customers with a brochure or catalogue laying out the details about your products or services.

• Hit the streets and get your branding in circulation by giving out promotional items at conventions, festivals, trade shows, and other events. Stickers, postcards, calendars, and bookmarks are all terrific options for getting your brand name out there.

• Looking to score with online retail? Elevate your e-commerce packaging and reinforce your branding with custom shipping labels or invoices – or, package some promo items with each order as a “thank you” to loyal customers.

• Finally, newspaper and magazine circulation may be declining, but don’t discount the impact of old-fashioned print ads if you’re looking to get your message in front of target audiences.

So, if you’d like to learn more about how to boost your brand’s marketing efforts in 2022 with high-impact print collateral, contact Rosie’s Creative today. From the fundamentals of typography and layout design, to technical considerations like file formats, color modes, and image resolution, we know print inside and out – and we’ll work with you to build a balanced, multichannel strategy that leverages the strengths of print and digital media to get the best results for your brand.

Ready to get started? Contact us today  – and remember, with us, your first consultation will always be free!

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