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Tips for Logo Design: The Guiding Principles Behind Every Great Logo

From digital media to physical collateral, there are countless ways that brands today can benefit from the touch of a skilled graphic designer. And there’s no better showcase of a designer’s skill than the task of fashioning a one-of-a-kind logo to serve as the centerpiece of a brand’s visual identity.

But, you may wonder, what are the secrets of truly inspiring logo design?

Whether it’s for a startup, or a world-renowned brand, logo design is guided by a few key principles – and every great logo has certain essential characteristics. Let’s take a closer look…

A great logo is PURPOSEFUL
Logo design starts with an understanding of your industry and your target audience. Who is your ideal customer, and how will they respond to key design elements like shape, color, and typography? A skilled designer is keenly aware of the connotative meaning embedded in these vital design elements – and can use them with purpose to reinforce your brand and speak to your audience.

A great logo is ORIGINAL
It’s not enough to simply mimic other brands in your industry – standout logo design emphasizes what sets your brand apart. Size up your competitors and find ways to forge an original visual identity while targeting the same customers. And take care to avoid clichés; design ideas that have been done to death will only make your brand look drab and uninspired.

A great logo is SIMPLE
Simplicity is one of the most fundamental principles guiding logo design; indeed, some of the most enduring and iconic logos from the world’s most successful brands are marked by their simplicity. You want a logo that’s instantly recognizable and memorable – and too much detail, too much type, or an overcrowded color palette will absolutely derail any effort to meet this goal.

A great logo is VERSATILE
Another vital principle guiding logo design is versatility – and it’s one that goes hand-in-hand with simplicity. Remember, your logo is the visual shorthand for your brand, and as such, should be suitable for a wide variety of applications, from your website and social channels, to print materials, packaging, vehicle wraps, and much, much more. Your logo should be scalable, and should look good and be recognizable in color or grayscale.

A great logo is TIMELESS
Today’s hot look is tomorrow’s dated aesthetic. So, instead of chasing the latest trends, a savvy designer will keep the focus on your brand and how to use timeless design elements to communicate your brand story. Sure, maybe you’ll eventually find it’s time for a brand refresh – but while it’s one thing to want a fresh coat of paint on your brand from time to time, you want to avoid building from scratch every few years!

The new year is almost here – are you ready for a new logo to help your business bring its brand story to life? Rosie’s Creative can help. We know logo design, and we understand the guiding principles at the heart of every great logo. So, contact us today if you’re ready to learn more – and remember, with Rosie’s Creative, your first consultation is always free!

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