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Ready to Go! Quick Tips for Getting Your New Webstore Up and Running

Once again, the holiday rush is upon us – and for brands of all sizes, key to success in the year’s hectic final months is finding ways to meet customers where they are.

For countless small and independent businesses today, this means establishing a solid digital footprint, and maintaining a robust investment in e-commerce. But what if your business is totally new to e-commerce?

If you’re still behind the curve, don’t worry. Today, it’s quicker and easier than ever to get an e-commerce site off the ground – in fact, if you get started now, you can be up and running before the holiday season is over! Let’s just go over a few key points you’ll want to consider if this is your first foray into e-commerce…

Choosing the Right eCommerce Platform
First, you’ll want to determine which e-commerce platform is the right fit for you – and with plenty of options to choose from, it ultimately comes down to your needs and what you’re looking to achieve with a new website.

Looking for a “quick fix” to get you through the holidays? If you’re comfortable taking the DIY route, all-in-one site building tools like Shopify or Squarespace can have you up and running in no time. For more complex site builds, a custom-built WordPress website using a dedicated e-commerce plugin like WooCommerce or Magento is the ideal solution, offering superior flexibility, functionality, and room for growth.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward with Smart Design and Clear Communication
To grab users’ attention on the web today, every aspect of your site’s design should be fine-tuned for maximum impact – from engaging visuals and crisp page copy, to sleek and functional user interface design. Project a sense of value and professionalism with a mobile responsive layout and make sure to follow best practices for mobile web design.

Next, close the deal by streamlining your navigation, simplifying your checkout process, and making sure to be as transparent as possible about shipping, returns, data security, and other critical site policies. You’ll cut down on cart abandonment and position yourself as a trustworthy option for prospective customers.

Building the Perfect Search Marketing Strategy
Once you’ve got a foothold on the web, it’s time to boost your reach and visibility with a solid search marketing strategy. And just as with choosing an e-commerce platform, settling on the right strategy will depend on what you’re looking to achieve – short-term results, or long-term growth.

For a quick signal boost, pay-per-click ads are a terrific fit, giving you instant, targeted placement in search results. But if you’re looking to build credibility and raise your profile over the long haul, a comprehensive SEO strategy built around content marketing, offsite SEO, and other organic tactics is the way to go.

The bottom line? For businesses looking to connect with busy shoppers this holiday, a solid e-commerce presence is a critical investment. And even if you’re just dipping your toes in the water, with a smart game plan right now, there’s still time to get a site up and running in time for the holidays – and build a foundation for success in 2022 and beyond.

So, if you’re looking for ways to grow your business on the web with expanded e-commerce options, contact us today. We’ve got the skills and experience to build a winning e-commerce presence, and we can help you focus on a business model that fits your audience – and develop a marketing and customer support strategy to match.

Want to learn more? Contact Rosie’s Creative today – and let’s get started. Remember, with Rosie’s Creative, your first consultation is always free!

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