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The Future Is Now! Long-Term Marketing Strategies for 2020

Long-Term Planning and Big-Picture Strategies Yield Dependable Results

Another frantic holiday season is in the rear-view, and the new year is only days away. It’s an ideal time to take a critical look back at your brand’s marketing efforts in 2019, evaluating your successes and failures, and setting the stage for bigger things in 2020.

If you’re reflecting on this year’s efforts and you see room for improvement, a renewed focus on long-term planning and big-picture strategy may be in order. It may seem that with today’s technology, you can put together a digital marketing strategy without much advance planning. But make no mistake – long-term planning is vital to enduring success, and over the long haul, cutting corners will have a noticeable (and not beneficial) impact on your bottom line.

With a consistent long-term strategy, you can boost your brand’s perceived value, and you’ll have an easier time making changes on the fly without losing sight of the big picture. What’s more, some of today’s most successful and reliable digital marketing methods, like email marketing, blogging, and organic SEO, take time to fully pay off. So, to get best results with these high-performing methods, you’ll need a long-term strategy in place.

So, what are some tips for long-term success?

Let’s start with your brand identity and brand voice. Reflecting your brand’s personality and core values, these are the foundation of your marketing efforts and the starting point for a consistent communications strategy. With a well-developed brand identity and a steady, confident brand voice, you can devise a coherent long-term strategy, and plan short-term campaigns that complement this larger strategy instead of undermining it.

Next, you’ve got to understand your audience. Who is your target customer? What motivates them? What are their needs, their expectations? What compels them to pull the trigger on a purchase? Having a solid understanding of your audience will aid in refining your brand voice, help you determine which marketing channels will be most effective, and guide you to smarter decisions when crafting an overall strategy.

Finally, it’s time to get organized and put together a plan. Identify clear and attainable goals, set realistic benchmarks for success, and stay on top of it all by using a marketing calendar to structure content updates around an overarching strategy. And be sure to review your marketing efforts regularly, to evaluate your progress and determine what adjustments may be necessary before you get too far off track.

Here at Rosie’s Creative, we understand the value of strategic thinking, and we know how to plan for success. So, if your brand’s marketing efforts could benefit from a more long-term approach in 2020, contact us today. We’ll be your partner in crafting a well-rounded, forward-thinking strategy – tailored to your brand, targeted at your audience, and engineered to produce real results over the long term.

From all of us at Rosie’s Creative, here’s wishing you a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year! Contact us today – your first consultation is always free! 

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