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Web Design Finishing Touches

Don’t Forget the Little Things!

When getting a new website ready for launch, there are certain things that are clear-cut essentials. Responsive design, consistent branding, high-impact visuals – these are at the core of any successful website design. But don’t forget some of the less obvious aspects of design that make a website truly shine.

While they might be easy to overlook, neglecting these “finishing touches” to web design can contribute to an unprofessional look for your site, negatively impact your SEO efforts, and diminish your site’s overall effectiveness. Let’s look at a few…

That tiny icon that appears in your browser’s address bar, or next to a website’s name when it’s in your bookmarks? That’s called a favicon. And while it might be a small detail, it’s a crucial component of user experience that also helps to reinforce your site’s branding. Without a custom favicon, browsers will display a generic default image – so don’t forget to include one in your site’s design.

Social Media Integration
Don’t think of your website and social media as separate planks of your marketing strategy. Instead, look for ways they can work together to deliver results for your brand. Social buttons on your website are a no-brainer, providing website users with quick links to all your social channels. And if content marketing is key to your strategy, social sharing buttons prominently placed on each content page can be a terrific way to boost your reach on the social web.

A Custom 404 Page
When users mistype a URL or click on a broken link within your site, they’ll get a “404 Error” page. The default 404 page – plain black text on a white background – isn’t just ugly, it does nothing to help site visitors. But a custom 404 page can be configured to conform to your site’s branding, while also incorporating elements helpful to visitors such as a link to the homepage or a short list of popular pages on your site.

Don’t Forget the Contact Info
Most websites have a dedicated “Contact” page, and while this is surely a good idea, this isn’t the only place on your site where you should include crucial contact info such as your preferred email address or phone number. Users often look to a website’s footer for this information, so be sure to include it there. You can also feature contact info in blog content or put it into any CTAs that might appear on the site.

If you’re in need of a new or re-designed website to boost your brand’s marketing efforts, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Rosie’s Creative. We take a meticulous, detail-oriented approach to web design and digital marketing – because we understand that it’s those often-overlooked “little things” that separate a truly great website from one that’s merely adequate.

Ready to Get Started? Contact us at Rosie’s Creative.

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