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The Start of Something Beautiful: Building the Client-Designer Relationship

Strong Relationships are the Cornerstone of Our Business

Here at Rosie’s Creative, building and maintaining strong relationships in our community, and especially with our clients, is a cornerstone of how we do business. We know that whether personal or professional in nature, any relationship takes time to grow and strengthen, and requires real effort from both parties to be successful. The relationship between client and designer is no different.

A strong relationship first requires a solid foundation, built on principles of trust, mutual respect, and clear, honest communication. So, if you’re considering taking the next step for your business or nonprofit by working with a design pro to boost your brand, here are a few practical tips to help ensure that relationship gets off to a good start.

When choosing a designer, do your homework.
It’s a good idea to take your time when deciding on a designer to work with – after all, you’re putting your brand image in their hands, and you want to be sure you can trust them with that responsibility. Don’t rush into things without doing the proper vetting, and don’t pick someone just because they’re cheap. Read reviews from existing clients to get a sense of a designer’s professionalism and work ethic, and look over their portfolio to determine if their style is the right fit for your brand.

Watch for red flags during interviews.
As part of the consultation process, a designer should ask pertinent questions about you, your brand, and your reasons for wanting to work with them. They should also be prepared to answer any questions that you might have for them. If, during your initial consultation, you find that communication isn’t flowing well, take it as a warning that the designer might not be a good fit. If they seem evasive or noncommittal when pressed for specifics on key points like their rates, skill set, or timetable for completing a project, proceed with extreme caution.

Be clear about your expectations.
Communication is central to the client-designer relationship, and it needs to be open and honest in both directions. Just as it’s essential for the designer to communicate effectively with you, it’s also important that you are clear about your own goals for the project. Designers may be skilled professionals, but – to put it bluntly – they aren’t mind readers. Even the most experienced designer’s ability to deliver results depends on the client’s ability to unambiguously outline what they hope to achieve with a project.

Whether you’re looking for a designer to complete a one-off project, or to embark on a long-term working partnership, just remember – strong relationships are built on solid foundations.

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