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Summer Marketing for Nonprofits

Distracted Donors on Vacation Present New Challenges for Nonprofits

For nonprofit organizations, it’s the end of the year that is traditionally considered the busy season. Indeed, December alone accounts for about a quarter of the year’s charitable giving according to some studies, with the last week of the year being the best overall for donations. This leaves summer as something of a slow season for nonprofits.

But this isn’t to discourage nonprofits from aggressively promoting their mission in summer – while it may be a slow season for donations, with the right strategy and goals, summer can still be a terrific time for nonprofits to build and maintain a foundation for year-round success.

Here are a few summer marketing tips for nonprofits:

Emphasize Mobile Marketing
In summer, your target audience is more active, less bound by routine, and less likely to be sitting at their desktop PC. Adapt by ensuring your website is optimized for mobile devices, focusing on mobile-friendly marketing methods, and tailoring your content to more effectively reach mobile users.

Engage Core Supporters with Email
Having an up-to-date list of active, reliable supporters is the backbone of any nonprofit’s digital marketing strategy. In summer, target these committed supporters with messages encouraging them to make donations and stay engaged with your organization during the slow season. Be sure to keep your copywriting tight and focused!

Go Where the People Are
Big summer events like festivals, concerts and parades are a great opportunity to engage with the community and spread the word about your organization and its mission. Dispatch volunteers to such events to distribute print collateral, solicit donations, recruit new volunteers, and grow your email list.

Bring the People to You
Of course, the most high-profile way to give your organization a midsummer signal boost is by hosting your own big event. This can get expensive in a hurry, though; to offset some of the costs, consider teaming with for-profit businesses that may be interested in sponsoring your event. 


With a robust outreach strategy that takes into account the unique challenges of summer marketing and adjusts accordingly, you can raise your organization’s profile, spread awareness of your mission, and leave yourself better positioned to take advantage of the end-of-year giving season.

Ready to get started on your nonprofit’s summer marketing push?  Contact us at Rosie’s Creative today.

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