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In a Digital World, Stand Out with Print Marketing

Effective Print Marketing Makes a Big Impact.

With the proliferation of digital media and the development of new marketing methods harnessing its transformative power, one might think that print media has outlived its effectiveness as a marketing tool. Certainly, recent years have seen no shortage of commentary on the obsolescence or even the “death” of print marketing.

But the emergence of digital media as the new standard in marketing doesn’t signal the end of print – the reality is, in this environment, a smart, well-implemented print strategy can be more impactful than ever.

When the Web was young, and digital marketing in its infancy, brands would supplement traditional print marketing with new digital methods to set themselves apart, positioning themselves as modern and forward-thinking. But now, with so many brands using digital marketing exclusively, the script has flipped. Today, it’s high-quality, high-impact print collateral that can help brands stand out in a crowded marketplace, by helping to project an image of credibility and professionalism.

Consider just a few of the ways that print media still figures into brands’ marketing efforts today:

– Brochures
– Flyers
– Posters
– Print Advertisements
– Business Cards
– Postcards
– Direct Mail

When supplementing your digital marketing strategy with print media, consider ways that the two can complement one another. For instance, you could utilize brand hashtags, discount codes, or calls to action in your print collateral, to drive traffic to your website and social media channels and encourage further engagement with your brand. Be sure to maintain brand consistency throughout your marketing efforts! Print and digital shouldn’t compete with one another – instead, they should speak to your target audience with a unified voice.

Interested in learning more about how print marketing can boost your brand’s profile and help you engage your audience? Contact us at Rosie’s Creative. We know print design – from the basics of layout, hierarchy, and typography, to technical considerations like image resolution and proper use of color that can trip up designers who are less experienced with print. We know how to leverage the unique strengths of digital and print media to create a balanced marketing strategy that can maximize your reach and achieve optimal results for your brand.

Ready to get started? Contact us today – remember, your first consultation with us is always free.

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