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The More Things Change: The “Changing Rules” of Digital Marketing

Technology today seems to be ever-changing, and sometimes it seems that the rules of digital marketing are in a constant state of flux as well.

But let’s not lose sight of a critical truth, one that’s often understated. Technology may change, but the fundamental goal of marketing – connecting your target audience with your brand message – remains the same. In this respect, the rules of digital marketing haven’t changed very much at all.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t be mindful of change. But keep a steady eye on the big picture. How do new developments in technology impact your target audience, their interactions with your brand, and your efforts to engage them?

As you consider how to adapt your marketing strategy to the changing technology of today, here are a few broad points to keep in mind…

As Tech Evolves, So Do Consumers’ Expectations
Technological advancement has led to shifts in what your audience expects. For instance, the proliferation of smartphones has made mobile-friendly web design an absolute must. And video marketing, held back for years by technical limitations, has become ubiquitous. Consumers also have higher expectations for direct interaction with businesses, as technology has made rapid responses to their questions and concerns much more practical.

Know Where Your Audience Is
With so many ways to stay connected today, you’ve got to make sure you know the best way to reach your audience. Sometimes it’s necessary to make quick adjustments to your strategy to maximize visibility. This is especially true if your brand has a strong focus on social media, as the demographics of social networking sites are prone to dramatic upheavals.

Don’t Sweat Algorithm Changes (Too Much)
Search engines and social networks make frequent adjustments to their algorithms, and unfortunately, the importance of these incremental tweaks is sometimes oversold. Tailoring content to ever-changing algorithms is a game that never ends. Instead, focus on engaging your target audience, and you’ll be better positioned to accommodate change.

The “Next Big Thing” May Not Be For You
If your target audience is quick to adopt the latest developments in tech, then aligning your marketing strategy with cutting-edge trends may be the right call. But, while a flashy new technology or much-hyped social media platform might be making waves among marketing insiders, there’s no reason to invest in it if your audience just isn’t there yet.

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