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Stand Out In A Crowd With Emotional Marketing

In today’s crowded marketplace, the success of your marketing efforts often hinges on your ability to answer this simple question – what can you offer that your competitors cannot? And unless you’ve got something to offer that’s truly one-of-a-kind, this means you’ll need to do more than just promote the features of your product or service to gain traction. To set yourself apart from the pack, it’s essential to establish a deeper value in people’s minds.

One way to establish this deeper value is through marketing that forges an emotional connection with your intended audience, signaling that your brand shares their values and fits into their lifestyle. This is called emotional marketing, and some of the most successful ad campaigns from the world’s biggest brands use this type of marketing to connect with customers. But it’s not just big brands with universal name recognition and endless ad budgets that can make use of emotional marketing techniques. Your small business or nonprofit can, and should, use these techniques too.

The phrase “emotional marketing” might sound like industry jargon, but the underlying idea is nothing new. In fact, the concept is literally ancient. If you took a philosophy class in high school, you might remember reading about what Aristotle called pathos or the appeal to emotion. The same basic concept is at play here – persuasion through emotion.

If you’re interested in adding a little bit of pathos to your marketing strategy, there are a couple of points you should consider before getting started….

First, as with any form of marketing or communications, you’ve got to define your target audience. The clearer your idea of who you’re trying to reach, the easier time you’ll have in crafting the right message.

Second, since the point of emotional marketing is to make a personal connection, think about how your brand fits into the lifestyle of your target audience. How does your product or service benefit those who use it? What emotional needs are you satisfying?

If you’ve thought over these questions and you’re ready to get started, Rosie’s Creative is ready to help. From high-impact visual design, to compelling copy and attention-grabbing headlines, we’ll work with you to put together a marketing plan that really connects with people on an emotional level.

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