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September News from Rosie’s Creative

 NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH: Coastal Cleaning Services

When Coastal Cleaning needed to establish a presence on the web to promote their services and increase awareness of their brand, they knew that we at Rosie’s Creative would be able to help.

Coastal Cleaning had no web presence at all when they came to us, and they wanted us to build for them a website that was mobile responsive and user-friendly, while also being easy for them to maintain.

In addition, they were in need of marketing advice and a new brand identity. Rosie’s Creative was happy to help Coastal Cleaning tackle all of these issues.




Behold the Power of Video

Video is growing rapidly among social media users, which is what makes it so important to include in your marketing strategy. A video can tell your story in a much more compelling way than if you only use words. It can help you evoke emotion in your audience and so much more…

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How is Video Measured in Terms of SEO?

videoVideo has become an integral part of online marketing. With the popularity of YouTube and the ability to create videos at your fingertips, social media streams are flooded with video, both for marketing and entertainment purposes. That being said, it’s important to consider what online video marketing is doing for search engine optimization. First and foremost, YouTube is a search engine that operates very similar to Google (after all, Google owns YouTube). Optimizing videos with descriptions, transcripts and keywords will help your video come up higher in search. If your YouTube channel is properly optimized, visitors should easily be able to access your site and become customers. Videos also have the added bonus of potentially going viral and being seen by millions. At there very least, a compelling video will bring people back to your website and give a more personal feel to your marketing strategy.

A well-rounded search engine optimization plan should include video marketing, content marketing and a strong website. With these three things, you can push your site up in search engine rankings to bring more visitors/conversions to your website. Let us know if you need some extra guidance planning your own SEO strategy.

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What is SEO and Why do You Need It?

RosiesCreative_MarketingSearch Engine Optimization, known in the digital world as SEO is what helps prospective customers find you in search engines. SEO is multi-faceted and it’s a LOT to learn. It changes on a daily basis and requires a working knowledge of what popular search engines like, don’t like and will probably like in the future. Sound complicated? It certainly can be, but in order to get noticed and improve your search rankings, your website needs a good SEO ranking.

Your SEO ranking is decided by: programming and information in the back end of your website, optimized web copy, links back to your site from other reputable sites, a social media presence and more. A well-rounded SEO strategy should include all of these things. While you can get decent rankings with only a few of these strategies, the more the merrier. It’s important to use a professional SEO company to ensure that your strategies are both effective and up to Google’s standards. Contact Rosie’s with any questions you may have about SEO and how a solid strategy can help your website bring in more business.


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