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The Return to Event Marketing is Here!

Warm weather means gatherings of all types, including festivals. Music, art, folklore and more go on display for anyone who attends. So how to get an audience to attend YOUR event?

Partner with Local Companies and Sponsors
Work alongside local service and product providers who can both help you spread the word, and benefit from helping your event. Food trucks, artists, artisans and more all look for opportunities to spread the word about themselves, and your festival is a chance at a focused audience.

The Right Ticket Company can Help
Some ticketing companies provide you with marketing tools that can help you reach out to a broader audience. They do this because they benefit from a larger audience as well. Find a company like this to make your efforts easier through their established marketing tools!

Be Active on Social Media
Create an event page, and interact with social media every day. You don’t have to post every day, but make sure you recruit friends and business partners to be active on your event page, and share each others’ posts as well. This benefits everyone involved.

Hold Contests and Give Aways Promotional Items
If you can put it into your budget, give away tickets to the event and items with your logo or event information on it. These spread word of mouth, and give you an opportunity to talk specifically about what your event has to offer.

Start Advertising
Getting the word out by taking out advertisements in local newspapers and at local stations, or by using social media platform advertising is a great way to use the power of algorithms to show your event off to those interested, and people with adjacent interests.

Invest in Quality Marketing Materials
Don’t skimp on what you’ll be selling or giving away. It’s better to have one or two high-quality items than many low-quality ones. If people are using your cups, keychains, pens or more for years to come, they’ll be thinking of your event every time they use it!

Use Email Marketing
A great way to get augment word of mouth is email marketing. You can engage people already interested in your event by having them sign up for updates on the event, as well as measuring how they interact with your emails to better focus your efforts. Plus, you can trust that the reminders will keep your event in their minds and in their conversations.

Reach Out to Influencers and the Media
Whatever interests your festival serves, there are those already established on social media who share them. You can ally with them to expand your voice for small costs such as promotional materials or free admission. The same can be done for local media, who can provide similar exposure.

Whatever you choose to do, Rosie’s Creative can help you organize and execute your strategy to make sure your event meets with success from its first day to its last. Don’t forget! Your first consultation is always free. 

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