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WINNER! Art Meets Science Workshop Grant – April Hugi

Rosie’s Creative is proud to announce the winner of our Art Meets Science Workshop grant, April Hugi.

April is currently working as a full-time lab manager, and provides art as a freelance artist part-time. Her braiding of natural beauty and technical knowledge through various media demonstrates the connection of artistic expression and scientific endeavor.

In April’s own words:

As a marine scientist, I use art as a tool to start conversations about science and to inform the general public. I believe that art and science are for everyone and I want to use my art to make science more accessible. Science communication is an extremely important and often underfunded step of the scientific process. The majority of basic science is paid for by the public, however most of the published science doesn’t make it out to the public because it gets stuck behind expensive paywalls or it’s not written in a way the general public can understand. I hope to one day make a large impact with my art by helping to bridge the gap between scientific communities and the public to inform people about important scientific issues and leave them feeling more connected to the incredible natural resources we have on this planet. When people feel connected to nature they will prioritize it and want to conserve it.

This drive to expand communication, creativity and conservation is why April was chosen for our grant. She embodies what we set out to do with the Art Meets Science program: to provide connection to the natural world through rigorous study and expand our love for it through expression.

We’d also like to take this time to recognize the amazing work, diligence and passion of all of the participants in Art Meets Science. We encourage you to continue pursuing artistic discipline and scientific passion, in the hopes of expanding interest in both self-expression and understanding of our natural world.

As an enthusiastic scuba diver with a passion for marine biology, as well as an art and graphic design pro, Rosie enjoys seeking out new ways to promote the arts and sciences, and the Rosie’s Creative team shares her vision. From our work with the Bimini Biological Field Station, both through this grant and by lending our expertise to the promotion campaign for the event, to our marketing for I’m the Chef, Too, we are excited to be doing our part to make both arts and sciences more accessible to all! Our greatest goal is to encourage people to study the world around them, and find freedom through self-expression. We believe that the world gets better when we recognize and protect its beauty, and when we have the space to express our own.

We look forward to supporting more events and programs like the Bimini Biological Field Station Art Meets Science program. Rosie’s Creative will continue our work to provide our clients and you, our audience, with opportunities to teach and learn about the world around us, and express the beauty of nature.

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