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We Are What We Think

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. As any individual starting their own business, or who has been in business for many years, knows… sooner or later, you’re going to encounter some unpleasant people. I was not naïve to this fact when I decided to start my own venture. In fact, as a nerdy and awkward girl who existed before nerdy and awkward was an acceptable social norm, I’ve been ridiculed for most of my memorable life. Words can be cruel and can be used to cut down even the most resilient of people.

In a professional environment, we are told this is not acceptable. We are expected to conduct ourselves in a pleasant and polite manner. However, human nature does tend to get the better of even the most controlled individual and hurtful words can fly. As a deeply intuitive person, I do my best to adjust to the state of mind of my coworkers, clients, and peers. It allows me to sense when a situation has gotten out of hand. In the past, this skill has been used by employers to mitigate intense situations. In the present, it helps me provide exceptional customer service to my clients. However, it also leaves me extremely vulnerable to the emotional impact of harmful words.

The world of technology is no different. Although computers, the web, and alternative forms of communication have removed the human element from communication, it has not removed human nature. As a dedicated net denizen since… oh, well, 7 years old… I have always been passionate about the exchange of information and communication. I have not, however, been too thrilled with the accompanying nastiness perpetrated by users and developers alike. Sometimes the hypothetical individual is simply a know-it-all who cannot be bothered with a question. Sometimes it’s a web “troll” who gets his kicks out of belittling others on a forum or social media. Sometimes it’s just someone who’s had a bad day, who cannot resist taking it out on others… Either way, it’s miserable.

This is one of the many reasons why I started “Rosie’s Creative”.

It was then, and is now, my goal and aspiration to provide a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and web experience for all businesses and professionals. I wake up every morning with one thought on my mind – how can I help my customers enjoy the web and make it work for them in a positive way? Can I offer a new product to alleviate the stress of content management? Can I offer a service which represents their interests cohesively and without clutter? Can I make their business more relatable to consumers, and vice versa? Can I help them identify problems with their strategy so their time and money is used more efficiently? At the end of the day, I can only sleep well when I know I have successfully accomplished these tasks.

Today, I fell victim to a combination of forum trolls, hackers, and frustrated clients. In an effort to resolve one problem and create a solution for another, I reached the limit of my abilities. Thankfully, I was prepared enough to hire some new staff on a contractual basis so I wasn’t struggling with juggling so many items. Even still, frustration levels mounted and I allowed myself to be verbally abused in the name of good customer service. A poor leader would allow the “shit to roll downhill” (so to speak), but I have refrained from proliferating the nastiness. Instead, it has only furthered my resolve to take a negative situation and expertly craft it into a winning one.

Why? Because the internet, like any community, is only what we make of it. Our thoughts become words, those words become actions, and those actions define our lives. There is no place in my mind, my speech, or my deeds for the hurtful… Only thoughtful solutions, caring service, and a bright outlook. It is what sets me apart from so many of my competitors, and will continue to be my guiding light well into the future. Rosie’s Creative exists because of my customers, and they mean everything to me.I will not let them down because an internet troll called me a “cupcake”.

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