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Juturna Springs IndieGoGo Campaign

Completion Date

May 2021

Services Performed

Crowdfunding Campaign Design
Multiplatform Social Media Crowdfunding Promotion
Multiplatform Social Media Management

Project Description

Juturna Springs is an EcoResort featuring one of the deepest diving destinations in the United States. They are in the process of securing funding to develop a destination featuring a state of the art educational center, with shallow and deep water access for all levels of divers as well as paddle boarding, snorkeling, and other aquatic pursuits. They came to Rosie’s Creative looking for assistance developing a crowdfunding campaign to raise $40k. While not their sole source of funding, a successful crowdfunding campaign was crucial to their financing strategy.

Rosie’s Creative used our extensive discovery process to identify the core strengths and goals of the campaign. Using that information, we developed a Crowdfunding Campaign Design that would be best suited to meeting our client’s needs and attracting donors within their core audience. We determined that IndieGoGo would be the crowdfunding platform best suited to the campaign, and ensured that the campaign would appear to best advantage within that platform. We also developed a Multiplatform Social Media Crowdfunding Promotion campaign to boost visibility, as well as a Multiplatform Social Media Marketing strategy to boost user engagement and expand the client’s audience. The campaign finished with its goal met by more than 100%.

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