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Tips for Effective Use of Stock Video

Stock Video is an Effective Tool for Brands on a Budget

With the explosive growth of video on the social web, more brands are turning to video marketing to better position themselves in today’s market and meet consumer expectations. But for brands on a budget, this powerful marketing tool can seem just out of reach.

However, don’t discount the valuable resource that is stock video. Used appropriately, stock video can be a cost-effective way to complement your own video production – or even jump-start a video marketing campaign without ever having to pick up a camera. Stock video can make the DIY approach more practical, or bring down the costs considerably if you’re working with a pro videographer or marketing agency.

To get the most out of stock video, here are a few key points to keep in mind…

Choose Clips with Care
Much like stock photography, stock video is saddled with a reputation for being fake or inauthentic, largely because of the careless and uninspired way that it’s often used. Avoid this by being careful, targeted, and deliberate in your search for stock footage. Look for clips that will resonate with your audience and tell a visually coherent story.

Put Your Brand On It
Once you’ve found the perfect stock footage for your marketing video, make it “yours” by incorporating visual aspects of your brand identity, such as your logo, brand colors, or brand typography. The result will be a much more cohesive and professional final product that will reinforce brand consistency and help to build brand awareness.

Don’t Overuse Special Effects
Video editing software makes it easy to add filters, masks, transitions, and other effects to your videos – and used tastefully, these effects can add a bit of character to your video and reinforce your brand message. But don’t get carried away. If overused, effects can become a distraction or annoyance to your audience, undermining the sense of professionalism you’re trying to achieve.

Round Out Your Video with Quality Music and Narration
Well-chosen music and quality voiceover work can put the “finishing touch” on a truly impactful marketing video. When choosing music clips, be mindful of how they fit your brand and speak to your audience. As for narration, you’ll need access to a decent microphone, recording software, and of course, appropriate voice talent.

One last piece of advice, and a word of caution – when using stock video, music, or other resources, it’s best to abide by the adage, “you get what you pay for.” Resist the temptation to use royalty-free content, as it’s often lower in quality and can have strings attached when it comes to copyright status. With premium stock content, you’ll have access to a better variety of material, it will generally be of higher quality, and you can rest easy knowing you’ve purchased the usage rights.

So, if you’re looking to introduce video to your brand’s marketing strategy without breaking the bank, making effective use of stock video can be a terrific way to get started.

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